Through education, I have been working to get those results across to new researchers. On an undergrad level, I have been running the System Identification course in UU for 6 years. I have been running a grad courses in a variety of topics, having a focus on applicability based on a selection of experts in the area.

Undergraduate courses:

  1. System Identification‘ (2010-2018)
  2. ‘Introduction to Computer Control Systems’ (2012-2013)

Graduate courses:

  1. ‘Nonlinear System Identification and its applications’ (2011),
  2. ‘Next Generation Bioinformatics Tools: From Data Generation to Data Analysis’ (2012),
  3. ‘Compressive Sensing and Structured Random Matrices’ (2012),
  4. ‘Fundamentals of Machine Learning’ (2015).
  5. Reinforcement Learning‘ (2017).
  6. Cyber-security: an academic perspective into recent application domains (2020).

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